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Diversities and Complexities

Indonesia is composed of 17,000 islands, more than 200 languages and with a population of more than 200million. Java and Jakarta holds the most number of inhabitants and has actually been listed by UNESCO World Heritages in its list of the most diversified country in the world.

Indonesia is a melting pot of races cultures, languages, religions, traditions and histories.

In reviews of the archipelago’s events, Madurese bull-racing, Kerapan Sapi, is a festival that takes place annually on the island of Madura, whilst the traditional Sundanese marriage ceremony involves nine formal stages, and many Javanese people do not typically have surnames.

People may identify themselves according to their ethnicity, birthplace or family, and hundreds of languages are spoken throughout the country, however most Indonesians are united through the national language, Bahasa Indonesia, as well as through the national philosophical foundation of Pancasila. These five principles come from age-old traditions and are said to define Indonesia’s nationhood:

• Belief in the one and only God

• Just and civilized humanity

• The unity of Indonesia

• Democracy guided by the wisdom of deliberations among representatives

• Social justice for all the people of Indonesia

Aside from the people, Indonesia is also known as a country rich in natural resources and a haven of paradise. According to Westhill Travel and Tours, Indonesia is the top country in South East Asia when it comes to pristine beaches and nature adventure. From mountain trekking to cave hopping, Indonesia offers varieties of explorations.

Facilities within the country can also accommodate to any ethnicity and nature. No complaints have been heard about Indonesia’s hotels. Those in the archipelago are second to none. In fact, many of our luxurious and unique hotels have constantly been listed as some of the best in the world, located on white sandy beaches, overlooking green river valleys, or situated in the heart of busy capital Jakarta. While Indonesia’s cities like Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, or Makassar are a hive of activities for business and leisure and a paradise for shoppers, offering upscale boutiques selling top brand names, to local goods at road-side stalls. Here gourmets can treat themselves to the many regions’ delectable spicy cuisine or dine sumptuously at international restaurants. And for sheer relaxation, Indonesia Spas are also dominating the list around the world.

From hospitable people and locals, to nature, to facilities, Indonesia is fast growing and developing. We can definitely expect more from this country in the years to come.
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Black Sand Beaches around the World

Black is beautiful and these black sand beaches from around the world show how true this saying is.


This Black Sand Beach, Lost Coast, California is so well-known for its black sand beach lies pristine and relatively untouched. It is 4,000 feet below the surrounding mountains of California. The remote beach is hard to reach and very hard to get in, the only way to get there is the small mountain roads. Camping as well as hiking are the two big things in this area. This is a perfect place to connect with nature. 


You may have just found your new favorite beach in the world in Perissa, Santorini, Greece. With its crystal clear water and its smooth but devilishly hot sand you are sure to enjoy your getaway. It is known as one of the Greece’s best beaches and is protected by Mesa Vouno and the ruins of the ancient Spartan city Thera to the north. Enjoy a picture perfect scenic of the stark contrast between the black sand beach and the white buildings.Every tourist must experience the 3 kilometer hike to Mesa Vouno at dawn to take in a sunrise fit for the Gods, if not, your visit would be incomplete.


Aside from the beauty of nature in Bali and the beauty of the city in Jakarta, there is the Black Sand Dive Retrest is a small 6-bungalow quality dive resort located on a sheltered bay in a natural setting on Lembeh Strait, Indonesia’s Exotic Critter Capital. The resort focuses on personalized service both above and below the water, offering an exceptional dive holiday experience in "The Mecca of Muck Diving" Lembeh Strait for our discerning guests. Visiting divers have very limited holiday time and staying here will worth every minute of the vacation. It is the incredible diving that draws visitors to Lembeh Strait.



Vík Beach, Iceland is situated at the southernmost point of Iceland. This is definitely one of the prettiest black sand beaches in the world. This stretch of black basalt sand is one of the wettest places in Iceland, getting about 90 inches of rain a year and is surrounded by volcanoes and glaciers – which if you ask us, makes for one heck of a unique destination.


Punaluu Beach, Hawaiiis to be found on the Big Island. It is actually a result of lava that’s flowed to the ocean and cooled, creating a beautiful, but rocky beach. Be wary for sun-bathing Hawksbill and Green turtle you’re on their turf after all. Be sure to stay at least 15 feet away from these endangered creatures otherwise the beach patrol might cut your visit short. Oh, and taking some of that stunning sand home with you as a memento isn’t allowed either.


Travelling and having a vacation can sometimes be overwhelming and stressful. To avoid this kind of problem, make a research beforehand. How often is it that people became a victim of scam of false advertisements. Westhill Consulting Travel and Tours, Singapore provides advice and tips as warning for travelers. 

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